Blog Testimonial Writing on Cannabis Health Policy reform Canada importance for attracting independents to become BC Libertarians in support of Craft medical cannabis

Cannabis Health Policy reform Canada for BC Libertarians inclusion by Karen Colville

Freedom of choice is vital when it comes to natural medicine, for prevention, nutrition and health security. I am a very recent Libertarian, I am attempting to find a solid foundation, a voice when it comes to protecting the health and Liberty of humanity and of British Columbians as a form of awareness to become a Libertarian on this very issue of health. It is to my understanding Libertarians in  Canada are in support of Craft cannabis. I  strongly feel this is very important to British Columbians to get a Libertarian perspective when it comes to medical cannabis as an industry and for potential constituent individuals as freedom of choice in health care , pain management and quality of life for medical conditions. Liberty is freedom of choice.

I am making a serious attempt by writing this piece as a Libertarian position to build a platform  not as a Libertarian candidate, I write this piece to attract further leadership on this very issue when it comes to craft cannabis as having a safe, affordable effective choice in medicine. Natural medicine as medical cannabis that is organic, grown outdoors and without contaminants as pesticides in the name of public safety and health security, prevention and to eradicate disease. I take medical cannabis very serious. Medical cannabis in Canada has been legal for many years. Recreational cannabis is about to be legal in Canada in 2018 with heavy Government regulations.

The Canadian Trudeau Government  and the viable option of Private health care with global Philanthropy in Canada as a global  peer to peer system of health care. Imagine paying for your medical cannabis with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies ? Americans in history once had to pay their taxes with hemp cannabis. Taxation is a form of theft, cannabis be another method of health prevention and exchange. Grow your own taxes or fail to pay them in fiat currency, over grow the Government.

Dispensaries and growers adopting the block chain. Silk Road did it, Governments need to stop regulating for self interest, targeting Government registered medical cannabis patients, many were raided over the years, many patients treated as second class citizens have lost loved ones, Doctors having their licenses revoked for prescribing plant based therapy, fining people and placing them in jail for medical cannabis everywhere, this has gone on way too long. The Libertarian perspective society can self organize with it’s own policies and security. Cannabis regulation is too Authoritarian and this endangers lives.

I am a Visual Artist and entry level Herbalist, soon Herbalism will be regulated in Canada. I am an emerging cannabis representative involved in humanities work for seriously ill people. a Blog Testimonial Writing on Cannabis Health Policy reform Canada for BC Libertarians and independents to support this issue with viable solutions. I have volunteered in community causes for many years and involved in private fund raising with my art, gifting my time and  voluntary energy to many Non Governmental organizations. I was recognized as a Singer and Music industry professional. I have an excellent reputation in community.

I am not a professional Writer by any stretch of the imagination. I have not interviewed anyone in many years. I am a private person , very passionate about saving lives and quality of human life, human rights, the healing of humanity, a strong advocate for natural holistic health in recent years. I also advocated for the legal farming of hemp in the USA.

I do not wish to share my private medical information.I have experienced serious neurological complications and dyslexia, with vestibular challenges, balance,  surviving a bad system of under funded life threatening Traumatic brain injury, emotional abuse and trauma, post concussion syndrome with partial paralysis, I still get headaches. I have recovered miraculously with a combination of treatment and had to pay out of pocket for private treatment.  The things most every day people take for granted, walking, talking, reading, music, sports,love making,  enjoyment of a normal life. Writing presents a serious challenge.

I have survived all of this imposed by others causing myself harm by power and control by horrible people as Authoritarian  mis informed a form of corrupt insanity  now Blog Testimonial Writing on Cannabis Health Policy reform Canada for BC Libertarians by using CBD and hemp as nutrition.

A few years ago, I had to fight for my life, I survived 2 back to back mvas, a physical assault,emotional abuse and my human rights violated ,this has added strength to my character and spirit. I was a Political Science student at the time all of this tragedy occurred as unexpected came into my life. Liberty has  a way of having people pay their dues to see what is really going on in the world. I am a positive up beat person having survived all that. I am considered as normal sane and a voice of reason in what I call in a world that suffers from temporary insanity with different political systems.

Please understand ,writing a poem or a song  lyric takes a lot of work an article is way harder to accomplish. I have difficulty communicating in a structured written way. This blog is another second attempt of getting my message out. In other words, it is difficult to write about this subject as controversial, I can barely even write.

I take prescribed microdoses of CBD medicine to lessen the impact  of my health condition as any other person whom needs natural medicine to activate their endocannabanoid system as a means of health protection and self preservation. CBD has dramatically made my quality of life better. I plan to have a professional future  in this industry.


I am not here  on Liberty  me to write about politics, the injustices of drug policy,drug wars , legalization or the UN Drug policy. I am a survivor of a powerful corrupt and broken system.

I learned about American Libertarian Author Peter Mc Williams when I was fighting for my life and  the book what led to his death in an American Prison, his book, Aint Nobodys business If You do. This book led myself to the medical cannabis movement in Canada from a human rights direction to volunteering in drug policy. I remember reading this book when waiting on my MRI and was very ill at the time.

I have helped guide hundreds of medical patients make informed decisions about their health choices with my building of medical knowledge. I have recently studied medical cannabis to become a better educated  individual in community service and to be an informed professional.

I research on the Scientific medical benefits of cannabis, I am also very well connected in medical cannabis world wide. I have graduated from cannabis courses and plan to become a CBD extract consult as a medical cannabis professional in the emerging lawful cannabis industry in Canada. I have won awards and participated in fashion shows using plant based designs. It will take a lot of hard work for myself to become any kind of contributing writer, that I can take this on, when it comes to Liberty and classical Libertarian values or as an emerging Libertarian.

Tim Moen the Canadian Libertarian leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada wrote an article for the Huffington Post April 4th,2017 on this very subject. How  Trudeau has placed Canadians public safety and health at risk with the licensed producer system that has since become a monopoly.

He was an expert witness at the Allard  Trial. I sat in the front row of the Allard trial with the other plaintiffs medical cannabis patients fighting for their gardens, it was also the MMPR was replaced under court order a new program ACMPR that is a combination of former programs.   My goal as a Libertarian, is to see a fair and balanced inclusive system in British Columbia. I am writing from a moral  and compassionate stand point as a source of motivation as humane values when it comes to medical cannabis. Many people do not even care about cannabis as a medical option, let alone know the curative effect of extracts without smoking anything,until a loved one becomes seriously ill. This is not about getting high whatsoever or the subject addiction, this is about healing people as a natural choice in the most humane way possible.

Profit is one thing when it comes to medicine, having a fair and accessible free market is another

I also feel that Global Big Pharma with the Military Industrial Complex of America, World Health Organization has had a lot to do with prohibition  as drug policy in Canada and around the world. Big Pharma has Billions of dollars in global cannabis industry import and export, high stakes competition in world contracts from leaders as Israel, this would lead to a few books.  World renowned Anarchist Canadian Marc Emery  cannabis activist a political prisoner, whom with his wife owns a chain Cannabis Culture of store fronts was extradited to an American Prison for 5 years, mainly for funding the American Legalization cause. He was unable to get anywhere with the Canadian political system when it came to drug policy.

British Columbia regulatory engagement, former Government cannabis patients be included in the production model as growers,dispensary workers and or cannabis educators. This paper is the regulatory framework for an inclusive system in British Columbia. I need not write anymore on the subject it is  all outlined here. with the Craft Cannabis Association. I hope this very issue shall attract more voters to the BC Libertarian Party and there is growth and independent private health care with cannabis the Government, Licensed Producers and task force regulators form an integrated system.

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